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Vol.13-05 – April 10th 2013

Manotick Village Butcher

Impatiently waiting for Spring

It is taking it’s time getting here but Spring is on it’s way! We have all had a few tasters of the of the warming sun of Spring but Winter keeps reminding us that it is still around.

Hopefully everyone has dusted off the BBQ and given it an airing. We’ve been dry aging some additional beef ribs and loins for a few weeks now and are eagerly waiting for Winter to finally leave us. Just imagine those 24 – 28 day dry aged rib steaks or striploins sizzling on the BBQ.

Preparing for BBQ season

We’ve already made a batch of our all beef hotdogs and one batch of those gourmet dogs (made from prime rib and tenderloin). Last weekend saw the first batch of our beef & bacon burgers; prepared in store where our smoked bacon is ground and mixed into our ground beef.

Store made pork or beef sausages will continue to be made without preservatives. We’ve been cutting down the salt to ease any sodium concerns you may have. Some of you may prefer turkey sausages and we have a great supply available from Lyons Turkey Farm near Spencerville.

In other news

The shelves in the store are certainly filling up with new products that will compliment our great meat. In addition to the products we carried last year we now have additional salsa products from Snell House Foods.

You’ll also find some great mustard’s from new supplier Karma Cravings, who give 50% of their net sales to animal charities in the local area.

From James & the team at the Manotick Village Butcher
Manotick Village Butcher Specials

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Also Available
  • Milk from Cochrane’s Dairy
  • Cheese from various local producers
  • Bekings Poultry Farm Eggs
  • Chutney’s from Major Craig’s
  • Jams from Michaelsdolce
  • Island Spiced sauces and rubs
  • ... and much more ...

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