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Vol.28 – October 4th 2011

Manotick Village Butcher

"T" is for Thanksgiving

We certainly hope that you have not forgotten but this weekend is Thanksgiving. We’d like to remind you that is you require anything a little special for that family dinner then we are the place to come.

We can provide a limited number of Prime Rib roasts, Pork Crown roasts so to be sure you get the one you want – call us soon.

"T" is for Turkey

If turkey is your preferred choice of meat for Thanksgiving then we’re the place to get it. For those of you who have sampled them before then you know they are some of the best around.

We still have a few left and we’ll do our best to make sure you get the size you want to feed you and your family. Call us and reserve one today. The ranges are “12-16”, “16-20”, “20-25” and “25-30” Lbs.

"T" is for Tardiff

For those of you have been to see us during our grand opening last year or the anniversary this year you may have noticed Michelle hanging around with her camera!

Michelle has recently produced a book entitled “Exposure” showing some of her work; it is available in store. Michelle also has an exhibition of her work at the Centrepointe theatre gallery on Centrepoint drive from Dec 2nd 2011 to Jan 11th 2012. There is a reception on Dec 12th from 6 to 8 p.m.

From James & the team at the Manotick Village Butcher
Manotick Village Butcher Specials

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Also Available
  • Milk from Cochrane’s Dairy
  • Cheese from various local producers
  • Bekings Poultry Farm Eggs
  • Chutney’s from Major Craig’s
  • Jams from Michaelsdolce
  • Steph the Grilling Gourmet’s Dry Rubs
  • ... and much more ...

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