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Vol.39 – March 22nd 2012

Manotick Village Butcher

Ordering for Easter

Easter is fast approaching and we’ve been taking your orders over the last couple of weeks. If you would like lamb, pork, beef or turkey we can accommodate you.

We are only able to get frozen turkeys at this time – we would recommend they be ordered this week so that we can ensure they will be thawed in time.

We deal with farmers directly and they need to arrange their animals and schedules. We WANT you to have your first choice; place your order this week.

BBQ Season arrives!

Wow! What a sudden change, temperatures are well above normal and that means we can all get the BBQ out and fire it up. Come in and get those steaks sizzling.

Breaking News!

We will be getting a single side of veal from Kemptville college. It will be here in the next few days!

Special Events

If you are member of the Manotick or City View curling club then you will have already tasted some of our meats. City View have been treated to beef tenderloin and 100% beef burgers. Manotick has been treated to glazed baked ham for their “Perky in Pink” Bonspiel.

We are providing our services in the form of a post race BBQ to the Manotick Road Race on April 21st. Later in the year we will be providing a BBQ for the Manotick Public School Fair on May 26th.

If you have an event this year why not contact us!

From James & the team at the Manotick Village Butcher
Manotick Village Butcher Specials

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Also Available
  • Milk from Cochrane’s Dairy
  • Cheese from various local producers
  • Bekings Poultry Farm Eggs
  • Chutney’s from Major Craig’s
  • Jams from Michaelsdolce
  • Island Spiced sauces and rubs
  • ... and much more ...

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