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Vol.42 – May 21st 2012

Manotick Village Butcher

Come and join us!

On the 26th May you can come out and taste some of our product. We’ll be at the Manotick Public School Fair where you be able to try some pulled pork. This has been prepared for us by our friend Tony Marcantonio.

If one location is not enough then let’s make it two! We’ll also be at the Farley Mowat Public School fundraiser where we’ll be cooking up 100% beef burgers, all beef hot dogs, and pulled pork provided from the store.

Hot on the heels of these two public fairs is Dickinson Day on June 2nd. Once again we will be at Knox Church providing our 100% beef burgers and some of our fresh sausages (made in store).

Great for the “Q”

As ever we are putting all of your favorite grilling items in the counter. You can have both rib and boneless rib steaks, striploins & tenderloins or “T” bones. Perhaps you would like to try something different like a Tri-tip or flank steak.

We’re not just about the beef, there are pork chops – both rib end and centre cut or why not try a country style roast? Perhaps lamb is your thing – thick cut shoulder chops or a butter flied boneless leg.

If you’re looking to “pep” up your meat - why not try a dry rub or marinade from Steph Lagari or Chef Carlton. How about some salsa or chutney to go with your burgers – check out Kawalsa and Marjor Craigs.

It’s worth a 1000 words?

From James & the team at the Manotick Village Butcher
Manotick Village Butcher Specials

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Also Available
  • Milk from Cochrane’s Dairy
  • Cheese from various local producers
  • Bekings Poultry Farm Eggs
  • Chutney’s from Major Craig’s
  • Jams from Michaelsdolce
  • Island Spiced sauces and rubs
  • ... and much more ...

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