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Vol.44 – June 28th 2012

Manotick Village Butcher

The long weekend approaches

Here we are once again July 1st and Canada Day! The weather looks promising and everyone’s BBQ will be awaiting your delivery of great meat to cook.

What will it be for your weekend? A succulent steak, a juicy pork chop, flavorful chicken or a moist leg of lamb? Perhaps you’re looking for something a little simpler – 100% beef patties, sausages or hotdogs (knackwurst or all beef). As a real treat this weekend we have produced a gourmet version of our “all beef” hotdogs. Made from dry aged prime rib and tenderloin; these certainly are high end!

Why not add a little something special to your burgers – try some Swiss cheese slices from Empire cheese or some Maple cheddar from Black River, add a dollop of Kawalsa instead of your regular relish and don’t forget your slice Suntech tomato.

Manotick Farmers Market

Manotick finally has it’s own farmers market and we’re proud to be a part of it. The market has partnered wih Watson’s Mill and is setup each week in front of the Carriage Shed. Last weekend (June 23rd) was the inaugural opening and we’ll be there for the next 9 weeks along with Clarmell farms bakery and cheese, Bekings eggs and several other local producers who have worked hard to bring this market to you.

We don’t have fresh meat there but there is a selection of frozen produce. We also have a selection of dry goods that are of course available in store as well, these include the rubs, marinades, salsa and chutneys all perfect meat accompaniments. Jams from Michaelsdolce perfect on toast at anytime, granola from Siren Bakery and coffee from NoGo Coffee and Jamaican Blue Mountain.

From James & the team at the Manotick Village Butcher
Manotick Village Butcher Specials

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Also Available
  • Milk from Cochrane’s Dairy
  • Cheese from various local producers
  • Bekings Poultry Farm Eggs
  • Chutney’s from Major Craig’s
  • Jams from Michaelsdolce
  • Island Spiced sauces and rubs
  • ... and much more ...

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